What Would Amber Do?

Episode 56 - Facilitating Greatness with Amber Howard

November 10, 2021 Amber Howard Season 2 Episode 46
What Would Amber Do?
Episode 56 - Facilitating Greatness with Amber Howard
Show Notes

Join me for this week's episode of What Would Amber Do? You are in for a special treat this week as we changed things up on the show!!!  In this episode Halima M, interviews ME! I have never done this before, and it seemed like a great opportunity to share with you all what's coming up next for me and what's on my mind! What would Amber do? Be interviewed on her own podcast! Can't wait to connect with you on the other side and get your thoughts. 

Halima M. aka Mazaajiya, my awesome interviewer (and guest in December, stay tuned)  is a  writer, Affiliate Marketer and Digital Community Lead focused on tech development and Bitcoin. She also co-founded Oromos in Tech, a tech and entrepreneurship ecosystem for Oromos globally, and moderates Womxn in Crypto, a chapter of Womxn in Business Clubhouse, the 6th largest club on the platform.  A couple of passion projects alongside Bitcoin which Mazaajiya is involved with are Afrobiz.ca and Hotep Nation for building sovereignty and sustainability for the underserved communities. 
Join us as we discuss:
- Upcoming changes on the podcast
- The new direction and focus in my business
- Niching down and getting clarity around who you are serving
- The importance of love, connection, belonging and acceptance
- My thoughts on relations between men and woman and what's emerging 
- What could become possible inside new networks of conversations about and between  men and women
- A brand new popup podcast I will be co-hosting in 2022
- Geeking out about Marvel's new movie Eternals.....and so much more!
Join us for this fun, exciting, and empowering conversation.
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