What Would Amber Do?

Episode 84 - Relentless Courage with Jude Charles

September 15, 2022 Jude Charles Season 3 Episode 22
What Would Amber Do?
Episode 84 - Relentless Courage with Jude Charles
Show Notes

Join me for this week's episode of What Would Amber Do? This week a deeply enlivening and inspiring conversation with Jude Charles! Jude is a CEO, Author, and expert filmmaker who helps entrepreneurs by leveraging the power of storytelling to scale their businesses. Jude has defied the odds at every step of the way, starting his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 17. 

Jude's commitment is to lead and empower entrepreneurs to have relentless courage. 

Join us as we discuss:

- His journey to being on track for retiring at 34
- Why storytelling as a vehicle
- Pushing beyond perceived limits
- His book Dramatic Demonstration
- The power of moments
- Living your brand
- Pivoting, what's next for him and why?

Join us for this inspiring, moving, and enlightening conversation!

Connect with Jude at:

Company Name: JudeCharles and Company, LLC
Website: http://JudeCharles.co 
Email: jude@judecharles.co
LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/in/JudeCharles
Twitter: Twitter.com/JudeCharles
Instagram: Instagram.com/JudeCharles
Book: http://JudeCharles.co/book

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