What Would Amber Do?

Episode 76 - I Love Monday's with George Anastasopoulos

May 12, 2022 Amber Howard Season 3 Episode 14
What Would Amber Do?
Episode 76 - I Love Monday's with George Anastasopoulos
Show Notes

Join me for this week's very special episode of What Would Amber Do? Back on the show is the extraordinary George Anastasopoulos!  George is the Chief Outcomes officer and Founder of Leadership Fundamentals, an accredited coach, and Sales Leader with decades of experience. Soon to be published author, George is a passionate educator who used to teach at the University of Toronto, and the Schulich Executive Education Center. George is also the published author of one of my favourite books, I Love Mondays! 

Join us as we:

- Catch up on what's been happening since our last chat in Episode 24
- What's important to George
- Being stuck in a job you hate
- How to deal with being burned out as a leader
- His best secrets for staying motivated, and elevating your leadership
- What's next for him in 2022 and beyond!

Join us for this passionate, and lively conversation about a subject close to both our hearts, how to serve human beings and have them thrive in their whole lives!

Connect with George at:

Email: georgea@leadershipfundamentals.com
Website: leadershipfundamentals.com
Twitter: coachgeorgea
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/coachgeorgeanastasopoulos
Book Page: https://leadfundamentals.kartra.com/page/buy-ilm

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